The best cuisines in the world

The cuisine is one of the elements that make up the cultural heritage of each region of the world. Among all this gastronomic diversity, some countries seem to stand out from the others. This article aims to make you discover the best cuisines in the world. Read it carefully.

Moroccan and Japanese cuisines

Among the countries with the best culinary heritage, is Morocco. In fact, it is at the top of the list. Indeed, the Moroccan cuisine was inspired by the Berber, Arab, and even African cuisine. The gastronomic heritage of Morocco is, therefore, a mixture of history, dishes, and especially ingredients. You will discover an enormous culinary wealth in Morocco with recipes that will seem really strange, but especially very succulent. There, you will have to taste raw salads as well as cooked salads without forgetting sweet and salty dishes and pastries to bite your fingers off. The second place is Japanese cuisine. Just by thinking about it, you will certainly have an idea of the richness of this culture. This one is much more traditional and is mainly based on soups, rice, vegetables, and meats. The therapeutic aspect of this gastronomy with great culinary secrets must be taken into account.

Indian, Lebanese, and Italian cuisine

Let’s come to Indian gastronomy which is more adapted to the lovers of the vegetable. Indeed, the Indians make their own spices with the available regional riches. Their dishes are essentially composed of vegetables and dried fruits. As for Lebanese cuisine, it is very famous. Lebanon’s own riches are the main constituents of Lebanese dishes. Meat, cereals, and raw vegetables are the main ingredients of the Lebanese culinary specialties. Finally, we cannot finish without mentioning the Italian cuisine. This one is based in major part on the products of the region and of very good qualities.