Some ideas for a gastronomic trip

It is necessary to travel around the world to discover new landscapes and make new acquaintances. However, some destinations will lead you to the very heart of gastronomic richness. It is time to discover these famous destinations.

Vietnam and India

There are some countries in which a stay will be more than unforgettable. First of all, it is Vietnam. Vietnam is not a very popular country. However, the richness of its culinary heritage is very important. The theory of ying and yang and that of the five elements are principles that distinguish this refined cuisine. In every street in Vietnam, you will see dishes cooked with local ingredients, attractive and delicious. Among these different dishes known as street food, you have pho which is a cuisine made of beef boiled with herbs and shallot.
You also have banh mi which is made of baguette, raw vegetables and meats, and hot sauce. Take a tour and this dream will be a reality for you. Then you have India which is ranked among the best culinary destinations in the world. This country makes you discover an authentic mix of taste and flavors through their dishes. If you are a vegetarian, India is the best idea of destination you can have to discover a new specialty of vegetarian cuisine.

Morocco and Peru

Morocco has one of the best and richest gastronomic heritages in the world. It is indeed the destination you need if you are a fan of sweet and salty. The culinary specialties of Morocco can not be discovered by simply reading. They are to be tasted. It would therefore be better if you added this project to your agenda without further delay. Finally, do you like stews and broths? Go to Peru, it is there that you will discover the real recipes with all the Peruvian culinary wealth.