A recent study from the University of Chicago found that each of us could reduce our output of carbon dioxide (the leading cause of global warming) by one and a half tons if we switch from a standard American diet to a vegan diet (free of animal products) containing the same number of calories. This is as much or more annual carbon reduction as trading in an SUV for a high-mileage hybrid car.

The Empathy Project is a project of Protecting Animals, USA (PA-USA), a nonprofit 501(c)3 animal-advocacy group headquartered in Chicago, IL. We offer a series of free and low-cost, captivating educational presentations that focus on inspiring empathy and provide resources on animal, environmental, and cultural issues for grades six through college and adult audiences in Chicagoland and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Anyone with a heart knows it’s wrong to clothesline a baby animal, body slam it to the ground, tie its legs so it can’t move, and drag it by the neck. If this were done to a puppy or kitten, the offender would understandably be charged with a crime, and likely be jailed. In rodeos, however, it’s called calf roping, and supporters claim it’s a sport. But the abuse of baby cows is just one of rodeo’s cruelties.